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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has important implications on the way you and your website handle data. We offer a range of professional services to help ensure your website is GDPR-compliant.

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Website GDPR audit

An audit enables us to identify and document where you are collecting personal data on your website. You’ll receive a report summarising our findings, as well as clear recommendations and guidance on required actions.

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Updating web forms to capture user consent

With GDPR becoming law, all forms on your website that capture personal data must make it clear why the data is required, together with options for users to opt in and out. We offer professional development to update your website's forms to enable proper capture of user consent.

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Secure enquiry submission

Regular email is transmitted over the web without encryption, meaning it’s not recommended for receiving enquiries with personal data. We can update your enquiry capture mechanisms to ensure your website securely stores enquiries received.

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GDPR-ready privacy policy

We can help you create and deploy a GDPR-ready privacy policy on your website. A privacy notice is essential for GDPR compliance and explains to users what data is captured, who it is shared with and how long it’s retained for.

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Website SSL certificates

An SSL certificate ensures safe transmission of user inputs on your website and aids its performance on Google. With an SSL in place your website will gain a ‘green padlock’ which reassures users that it’s trustworthy and genuine.

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Secure handling of ‘Special Category’ data

For large volumes of enquiries and for organisations handling ‘Special Category’ personal data (e.g. medical history) we have a specialised ‘off-the-shelf’ system for secure processing of enquiries. It’s trusted by high profile clients including the NHS.

What it means for you

The new legislation makes changes in the way all organisations must process personal data and applies to your whole organisation and the way you handle data, including your website and web-based systems.

A number of key changes include:

  • All organisations must comply with the regulations if they do business in the EU, even if they’re not based there
  • The legislation introduces new rights for individuals (see 1.1), including the right to be forgotten and the right to judicial remedy against organisations that have infringed their rights
  • Consent must be explicit, and can no longer be implied by inaction or by default (e.g. a pre-ticked checkbox). You will need to record how consent was given, who from, when, and what for
  • The legislation introduces mandatory reporting of data breaches to supervisory authorities and affected individuals
  • There are tough penalties for non-compliance: organisations found in breach can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million - whichever is greater

What it means for your clients

GDPR is essentially about protecting people’s rights in relation to their personal data. A lot of these rights are similar to those already in place under the UK Data Protection Act, but include things such as:

The right of access - Individuals have the right to know their personal data is being processed, as well as being able to access this data and supplementary information

The right to rectification - Individuals can request there personal data be amended if it's inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date

The right to erase - Individuals can request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing

The right to data portability - Individuals can obtain and reuse their personal data for their own purposes across different services. They should be able to move, copy or transfer personal data easily from one IT environment to another in a safe and secure way.

We can help you get your website GDPR-ready

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