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Smart Referrals - Innovation for Councils

August 2016

Ever since public health responsibilities were passed from the NHS to local government, councils have faced the fiendishly tricky task of coordinating provision in their areas.

We think we've got the answer. At Cyber Media we've been developing a leading caseload management system for over 8 years and we know a thing or two about the features caseworkers and organisations need to get the job done.

The final piece of the puzzle has been our development of Smart Referrals which deliver unprecedented scalability and allow secure use of the system on mobile devices as well as desktops.

This new and exciting functionality means our solution can coordinate the input of numerous agencies and unlimited key workers through an easy to use interface. Need to do an onward referral? No problem. Need to add a triage function to the process? We've got it covered.

And of course, being from Cyber Media, it's web-based so deployment is a breeze.

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Committed to Quality.

July 2016

Fashions change, quality lasts. At Cyber Media we've always focused on quality output and excellent customer care, but now we've got the badge to prove it!

Recently we went through a formal assessment process with BSI and we're happy to say we passed with flying colours. As a result you can see a shiny new ISO 9001:2015 accreditation stamp at the bottom of our website, showing our compliance with the latest version of the de facto standard for excellence in quality management.

That's not all though. For years we've been helping environmental organisations nurture their online profiles and we thought it was high time to do our bit.

Following on from our success in attaining ISO 9001 we submitted ourselves to an Environmental Management System assessment.

Simple things like reducing paper use and tweaking power management settings can go a long way to reducing our environmental footprint and we're proud to say that we're now ISO 14001 compliant.

Fringe Benefits

June 2016

Liam Explaining What the Fringe Is

With so many shows on offer, one of the problems facing fringe-goers is how do they make the most of the festival without missing their 'must see shows'?

One of our frontend developers, Liam Yorke, came up with an automated solution as part of his final year degree project.

Liam's Fringe Planner web app asks comedy fans about their interests and 'must see' shows and compiles a personalised programme with adequate travel time between performances. The user can also see their show schedule on a map for ease of navigation between venues.

Liam is so confident in his app that's he's even using it to plan his own itinerary when he travels up to the Fringe this August.

Liam exhibited his Edinburgh Fringe Planner Web App as the Staffordshire University GradEx event and saw off some tough competition.

Congratulations to Liam on winning the competition and also for attaining a First in his BSc (Hons) Web Development degree.

Liam is so confident in his app that’s he’s even using it to plan his own itinerary when he travels up to the Fringe this August