Social Prescribing Management System

Theseus: Social Prescribing is an online social prescribing software platform that empowers easy and effective management of social prescriptions and referrals

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Social Prescribing Management

Research pilots across the country are revealing the effectiveness of social prescribing as a way of improving long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

As local social prescribing networks grow and develop in 2019, the need for effective and proven case management becomes all the more important.

Our Theseus: Social Prescribing product has a proven track record of supporting these networks for over 3 years and has been subject to regular innovation to take account of emerging requirements.

Social Prescribing Management

Who is Social Prescribing Case Management For?

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Social Prescribing Link Workers


GPs, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists

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Local Area Coordinators and Community Navigators

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Councils setting up health and wellbeing hubs

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Provider organisations within a social prescribing network

Social Prescribing Triage

Theseus: Social Prescribing supports bespoke triage processes in accord with the needs of Health and Wellbeing Hubs, Community Navigators and Social Prescribing Link Workers.

It also has a range of integrated assessment tools including Q-Risk2 and AUDIT that can be easily deployed in the custom triage process for your organisation.

Social Prescribing Triage

Social Prescriptions and Referrals

Theseus: Social Prescribing provides your team and partner organisations with an easy-to-use online environment for managing social prescriptions and referrals. Organisations can be readily configured to receive social prescriptions, send social prescriptions, or both.

We know many local activity providers have limited IT resources and expertise. That's why Theseus: Social Prescribing has a mobile-friendly interface for providers to access their referrals.

There's no software or apps to install and partners can be automatically notified about new incoming referrals by email or text message.

Social Prescriptions and Referrals

Social Prescription Outcome Reporting

Following the delivery of a social prescription, Theseus: Social Prescribing enables providers to record and share outcomes - in accord with an individual's consent - with the referrer.

Visibility of client outcomes is essential to enable social prescribers to have an accurate overview of previous social prescriptions in order to provide further support to the individual.

Social Prescription Outcome Reporting

Social Prescribing FHIR Interoperability

Theseus: Social Prescribing can be readily integrated with primary care and third party patient management systems using FHIR Care Connect APIs.

You can read more about our recent FHIR integration in our Connecting Care Case Study.

FHIR Interoperability

Smarter Social Prescriptions

As social prescription networks mature and offer an increased range of activities, assistive tools will become more and more important to assist Social Prescribing Link Workers in their roles.

Theseus: Social Prescribing has an integrated smart rules feature to dynamically suggest appropriate social prescriptions based on factors such as an individual's general health, interests and location.

Smarter Social Prescriptions

Social Prescribing Website

Social prescribing is about helping people lead fulfilling, healthy lives. This approach benefits the individual, benefits health and social care budgets and benefits society as a whole.

Whereas some individuals will need the assistance of Health and Wellbeing Hubs and the expertise of Social Prescribing Link Workers to navigate social prescribing networks, others may prefer to 'self-serve'.

We can design, build and host an engagement website for your health and wellbeing network and have extensive experience in this field.

Our websites are able to integrate with a common provider database shared with the Theseus: Social Prescribing ecosystem. This enables individuals to explore your network's social prescribing offer for themselves.

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