Tenant Engagement Platform

An innovative new digital channel to increase and sustain engagement with tenants and residents' associations.

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Stimulates organic channel shift

Efficiently increase tenant engagement with real-time chat, discussions and blogs in a safe and secure digital platform. Reduce pressure on traditional contact channels and enhance communication and access to self-help resources.


Inspires citizenship

Provide your tenants with new opportunities to actively engage in their communities. Enable residents' associations to create collaborative spaces to discuss and self-manage local issues. In-built moderation and adaptive account permissions nurture trust and encourage respectful contributions.


Empowers engagement and consultation

Assure tenants their opinions matter with polls and surveys. Instantly create one-off consultations for all tenants or specific demographics and localities. Surveys can also be triggered by events (e.g. to capture feedback following a repair) and can be set to recur to gauge satisfaction over time.


Delivers valuable insight

Monitor engagement with powerful in-built reporting. Report on tenant engagement, opinions and satisfaction across your organisation or within localities. Use infographic-rich dashboards to analyse data or download a copy for analysis in another tool.


It's a platform, not a product

The Tenant Engagement Platform is superbly flexible and can be tailored to your exact requirements - including your desired branding and look and feel. It's also built on an open-source, API-friendly technology stack - great news if you need it to integrate with other systems.


Ideal for crowdsourcing and engagement

The perfect tool to support ideation and consultation processes for businesses and the public sector. Create collaboration spaces, enable real-time discussions and reward users for their contributions.

Unleash the power of crowd intelligence

  • Foster ideation with user-friendly collaborative spaces
  • Create unlimited topic spaces for your audience to engage with
  • Upload and attach resources and supporting documentation
  • Set challenges and reward users for their contributions
  • Collect donations and crowd source innovation

Maximise reach and engagement with real-time chat

  • Use real-time chat to add a helpdesk function to your platform
  • Chat supports multiple operatives and message logging when your team is offline
  • Or use chat to facilitate collaboration between your users
  • 1-to-1 conversations and group chats are supported
  • Chat can also keep a record of a chat interaction with integrated consent feature

Powerful analysis at your fingertips

  • Dynamic dashboards make your data easy to monitor and interpret
  • Set and review targets, KPIs and scorecards
  • Identify trends and generate regular or ad hoc reports

Smart location-aware features present information at the right place and time

  • Integrate Google Maps or OS Maps intefaces
  • Location-aware functionality enables automatic check-in features
  • Present different features to users based on their location

Keep up-to-date with developments with handy dashboard feeds

  • Activity dashboards enable users to keep track of their interactions
  • Dashboards also provide feedback on 'likes' and comments generated
  • Feeds let users follow interest spaces and other members

Enjoy a great editorial experience that doesn't get in the way of creativity

  • Create campaign pages, blogs, news articles and more
  • WYSIWYG editor makes content creation a breeze
  • Optimise images on the fly with the AEP's image manipulation feature
  • Define who can see your content
  • Granular comments and 'likes' feature for maximum control

Get a custom design perfectly tailored to your brand

  • Look and feel fully customisable to your brand and preferences
  • Free iteration of one design concept included with AEP
  • Our talented design team will implement the design on your behalf
  • Browser and device testing as standard to ensure exceptional user experiences

Manage meetings and events with flexible calendar and event management tools

  • Post events and calendar entries for all users or private groups
  • Pin event location on Google Map
  • Take event bookings and payments
  • Integrates with Outlook and Google calendars

Creating forms and surveys is a doddle too...

  • Deploy polls and questionnaires with ease
  • Integrated survey builder lets you create everything from a simple poll to a full consultation exercise
  • Add text, images and questions with single or multiple selections
  • Integrated analysis features such as Kano for easy interpretation

In-built notification module means communicating with your users couldn't be easier

  • Choose when and how users are notified
  • Email and SMS notifications available
  • Users can adjust their notification preferences
  • Notification module also handles password reminders and resets

Benefits for your

  • Efficient digital channel for interaction with residents
  • Increase your organisation’s approachability
  • Easily evidence ‘you said’ and ‘we did’
  • Address concerns before they escalate
  • Nurture responsibility for local facilities and assets
  • Encourage self-management and community collaboration
  • Increase resident satisfaction and trust
  • Seamlessly assess engagement by demographic, community and locality
  • Showcase success stories to inspire others
  • Secure, cloud solution with a simple licence model representing excellent value
  • Residents feel they have a voice and that their opinions are valued
  • Greater awareness of upcoming events and current initiatives
  • Increased sense of pride and involvement in their local community
  • Ability to easily collaborate on practical topics to improve their local area
  • Receive recognition for contributions made through integrated rewards system
  • Easy access to help and support resources
  • Dynamic, highly-tactile presentation makes engagement enjoyable
  • Syndicated login option for easy sign-up
  • Customised activity feeds based on locality and interests
  • Fully responsive platform works great on smartphones

Engage with your audience

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