Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem

Supports local authority Health and Wellbeing Hubs, Social Prescribing, Community Navigation and Local Area Coordination initiatives.

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Supports an unlimited range of services and provider organisations

Theseus’ customisable assessment processes support holistic health and wellbeing interventions and enables inter-agency referrals between services delivered by health professionals, local authority teams, community groups, charities and the voluntary sector.


Simplifies referrals and inter-agency working

We know health and wellbeing networks can be complex - that’s why Theseus supports Health and Wellbeing Advisors with automated onward referral suggestions using smart rules defined by your unique requirements.

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Easily collect and share outcomes

A common challenge for Health and Wellbeing networks is outcome visability to evaluate the success of support provided to citizens. Theseus has built-in inter-agency reporting (subject to client consent) to enable referring organisations to understand outcomes of referrals made.

How it works

1 Refer anyone, anytime, anywhere

A pharmacy somewhere in Healthyshire: a Pharmacist explains to a patient that there may be weight loss options they've not considered A pharmacist completes a referral on a tablet device

2 Manage with ease and confidence

Moments later at the Healthyshire Hub: a caseload worker asks the patient how they'd describe their health The patient says they don't get as much exercise as they used to 5 minutes later, referral lands at Walk for Health: a notification goes off on a mobile device Walk for Health contact the patient, who agrees to meet them

3 Realise success, record, reward

A few weeks later, walking with new friends: the patient feels great to be active again Walk for Health record a successfull outcome This is also received by the Healthyshire Hub This is also received by the pharmacy
Securely receive self-referrals and professional referrals

Accept online referrals straight onto caseload through a secure interface that can be integrated with your service’s website.

Integrated assessment tools

Comes with a comprehensive range of common assessment tools for intergration into assessment processes, such as Q-Risk2 and AUDIT.

Delegated account management

Partner providers can create and manage their own user accounts, eliminating administration overhead for your team.

Integrated consent model

Theseus features a GDPR-ready client-by-client consent model to control data sharing.

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Perfectly tailored to your unique service model

Theseus supports hub and spoke models, and any combination of in-house delivered, outsourced and distributed services. If you need to add another service with different caseload requirements, Theseus enables you to do this easily and cost effectively.

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Robust and secure caseload management

Theseus is a proven platform for District, County and Metropolitan use. No more messy and incomplete paper trails - Theseus enables you to store all client information in a secure unified system.

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Talk directly to a great team

Our Theseus team is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. If you need to speak to someone about a support ticket we’re always available Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5 pm - and we’ll answer within 3 rings!

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NHS Pennine Care Foundation Trust
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Social prescribing ecosystem with triage-generated smart referral suggestions and outcome reporting

Leicestershire County Council

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