Durham County Council
Drug and Alcohol Data Management System


Durham County Council required a reliable and flexible case management system supported by a team with the expertise to handle a large migration of over 27 NDTMS historic codes, plus 10 active NDTMS datasets and additional non-statutory databases.

The Council chose Theseus: Drug and Alcohol case management for its ability to cost effectively deliver the project requirements and the Theseus team’s experience with complex migrations.

Custom Triage and Assessment

Theseus: Drug and Alcohol enables the service provider to easily manage bespoke interventions offered to clients, and readily accommodates changes to assessment processes over time.

The system may be configured to automatically flag active clients who have children under the age of 18 years of age so that appropriate prevention and intervention activity is actioned and highlights any specific risks posed by clients with high visibility warnings against the client record.

Theseus: Drug and Alcohol also provides the capability to record outcomes for carers and family members as part of the service’s Carer Support Outcome Profile (CSOP).

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Reporting Capability

Theseus: Drug and Alcohol integrates with the Drug and Alcohol Management System (DAMS) portal for hassle-free NDTMS submissions. It also enables appropriate staff to easily interrogate data through a range of reporting tools:

  • The Council has access to over 60 standard dashboards to support management and worker decisions such as Keyworker TOPs Due, Missing TOP, BBV Overview, Manager TOPs Overview and Risk Management
  • We provided the service with the Theseus Report Builder which enables managers and data analysts to create their own reports on an ad hoc basis
  • The service is also able to extract data using Flexible Form Extracts to create CSV downloads of assessment data
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Prescribing Function

Theseus: Drug and Alcohol was configured to automatically calculate titration and reduction dosages for the service, as well as mapping each drug to blue or green scripts as appropriate.

The system also provides the service with automatic flagging of any recorded allergies at point of prescription and provides staff with the ability to create single or repeat prescriptions.


Successful Migration

We always approach migrations with careful planning, however the scale of the Durham County Council project demanded particular care and attention due to the complexity of the task. A project plan was refined in collaboration with the Council team that set out the migration process in detail, with historic (and therefore static) records planned in for migration first, prior to active clients.

In the weeks running up to go live the Theseus team maintained regular contact to support the Council and created a test environment to enable the authority to confirm that migration scripts were behaving as expected.

Approaching migrations in this way means that go live is kept as smooth as possible with the aim that it’s essentially a push button process.

On the day of go live, over 4,500 clients across active NDTMS treatment agencies and over 12,000 across historic NDTMS treatment agencies were migrated, together with over 1,400,000 event notes and 48gb of data.

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Face-to-Face Training

User training was delivered at Durham County Council’s offices and a workshop was also held to finalise the configuration of the system. To assist the Council we also imported authorised users from the sandbox environment into the live system to further streamline the go-live process.

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