An exciting platform connecting innovators, health professionals and citizens to crowd source new health and wellbeing products

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The West of England Academic Health Science Network were looking for a partner to co-design and build a new crowd sourcing platform for health products and innovations

What We Did

The ambitious project started with no name or brand, just an understanding of what was needed to make a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing - a crowd sourcing application to inspire, empower and connect citizens, health professionals and Innovators.

We worked in close collaboration with the West of England Academic Health Science Network and its Healthcare Innovation Consultant to create and iterate an effective brand. Hyvr is an abbreviation for Have Your Vision Realised! and the bee theme reflects the crowd intelligence nature of the platform. Extending this concept, the platform enables users to join ‘hives’ based on their interests and conditions.

Hyvr has a number of highly innovative features for effective ongoing engagement and collaboration with users, including:

  • Real-time discussion with integrated notifications to keep users up-to-date
  • An integrated reward system - citizens accumulate ‘pollen’ as a reward for interactions and valuable contributions they make
  • A pledge system to kick start new hives and support other people’s ideas
  • Intuitive co-production interfaces for collaboration between citizens and innovators and to generate insight on concepts and prototypes
  • Live statistics to measure and report engagement with target audiences

The Results

Hyvr is in the later stages of development and we're excited about the platform's official launch in 2018. Recently Hyvr was showcased as an exemplar of best practice at a NHS Digital Conference in Manchester.

Visit hyvrwebsite


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