Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing
Tenant Engagement Platform

An innovative online system for tenant consultation and resident involvement

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Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) needed an innovative digital platform to help increase resident involvement and to enable a new online channel for tenant consultation.

Following a competitive process Cyber Media’s Tenant Engagement Platform was to chosen to deliver the new KNH: Get Involved online portal.

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What We Did

A common challenge when implementing engagement platforms is achieving a balance to ensure information collected on registration is proportional and doesn’t create barriers for users.

In collaboration with KNH we configured a sign-up process that’s quick and easy for residents to complete and avoids intrusive questions on demographics.

Instead registered residents can choose to associate themselves with groups relevant to their heritage, lifestyle, location and interests and participate in discussions with peers on a broad range of topics.

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An integrated abuse reporting system helps to ensure KNH: Get Involved is a safe, positive and supportive space.

The system has also been configured with various account types and members of Tenant Resident Associations, Community Voices teams and Tenant Boards have access to private collaboration and discussion areas to support their roles.

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The Tenant Engagement Platform has been styled to perfectly match KNH’s corporate style and branding and has been deployed with the following features:

  • Personalised feeds - residents can easily stay up-to-date with issues and topics by following discussions
  • Polls and survey builders - KNH staff can create polls and surveys using a variety of question types
  • Integrated statistics - KNH can review audience reach, views, likes and comments

We’re looking forward to seeing how KNH move forward with the platform in the coming months.

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The Results

Our Tenant Engagement Platform has empowered KNH to successfully deploy a new and highly innovative online channel to engage with tenants cost-effectively and encourage greater resident involvement.

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