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Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem


Leicestershire County Council required a health improvement IT system to manage their First Contact Plus service’s caseload.

The First Contact Plus service is based around an innovative central hub model which receives referrals for a wide variety of health and wellbeing issues. The hub team then triage and forward referrals on to partner organisations to deliver appropriate services to support the citizen.

Triage Assessment, Smart Referrals with Consent

The Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem was readily customised to the triage requirements of the Council, including the configuration of smart rules to automatically identify suitable referral pathways based on the citizen’s needs.

When a citizen is referred on to another service (or services), the hub operator must confirm consent has been provided by the citizen to share their data with additional service providers. This enables the Council to deliver a holistic model of support whilst complying with the consent wishes of individual citizens and GDPR legislation.

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Mobile Access for Service Providers

The First Contact Plus system supports many distinct services from many different service providers across Leicestershire. There are several hundred external provider organisations that send and receive referrals and record outcomes using the Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem in the County.

Many of the provider organisations are VCSEs, some of which do not have access to traditional IT infrastructure. The Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem has been designed with this mind and consequently service providers can access the system on tablets and smartphones with 4G connections.


Referrals In and Referrals Out

The Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem has flexible account permissions and roles customised to First Contact Plus’ requirements. Service providers can be set to receive referrals, send referrals, or both - and Leicestershire County Council can easily update these settings over time.

The ability for partner organisations to send onward referrals supports the objective of ‘Making Every Contact Count’ and enables service providers to easily refer citizens on for additional support where a need is identified.

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Outcome Reporting

A key benefit the Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem delivers for Leicestershire County Council and its partners is the ability to receive feedback from referrals made. The system enables the receiving agency to easily record outcomes which can be seen by the original referrer, provided the citizen consented to share this information.

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Ease of Scalability

The Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem’s powerful account management features are essential to achieve scalability for the Council.

The account administration facility empowers the First Contact Plus to delegate management of user accounts to service provider organisations. This feature provides a password reset function and enables partners using the system to efficiently set up new members of staff for their organisation.

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Professional and Self Referrals

As part of the project we also created professional referral forms (for use by GPs, pharmacists, etc.) and self-referral forms (for use by citizens and their relatives). These forms enable quick and easy inward referral to First Contact Plus and referrals can be readily received onto caseload without additional data entry.

The technology used for the forms means the transmission of data is always encrypted and enables easy deployed to any website - in this case, the First Contact Plus website, which we also developed to provide engaging presentation of self-help resources to citizens.

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Reporting Capability

The First Contact Plus team has made extensive use of the system’s Flexible Form Extracts functionality to quickly and easily export data collected from triage assessments. This function enables authorised staff to create on demand reports. The First Contact Plus team use these reports in conjunction with a number of bespoke custom dashboards for ongoing monitoring of their service.

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