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Engagement website for a sexual health service with secure home-testing kit request processing facility

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We were commissioned to create a digital one-stop-shop for Bristol residents wanting help, advice or screening on a wide range of sexual health and related issues

What We Did

We worked in close collaboration with the Unity Team and the Terrance Higgins Trust to develop a friendly and colourful design orientated around inclusivity and making information as accessible as possible to all, including teenage audiences. This entailed careful consideration of user journeys, visual language, content structure and writing style.

As part of the project we developed a service finder to help people find clinics and pharmacies and the feature returns results plotted on a Google Map, ordered by distance and supplemented with details of the services provided at each location.

young people in black and white

A key part of the project where our expertise was invaluable was the provision of a secure home-testing kit request processing facility. The system empowers individuals with an eligible postcode to request a testing kit online and automatically identifies the appropriate testing kit based on their gender and lifestyle. The facility also provides the Unity team with a secure dashboard to process the requests with integrated barcode generation and on-the-fly label printing, greatly streamlining administration processes and reducing staff workload.

The project was delivered in a tight timesframe and we used our expert project management skills to deliver a quick turnaround for the Unity Team to coincide with the launch of their new brand.

The Results

Our development significantly increased the popularity of home-testing kits. Demand was estimated at 2,500 kits per year, however in just 3 months from launch the digital platform had already generated over 2,700 requests.

From a design aspect too, the platform has been a success. In a survey polled at the City’s Central Health Centre, 84% of people liked the design.

Visit Unity Bristolwebsite


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