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West Suffolk Council needed a mobile-first website to properly reflect its modern, efficient and forward-thinking approach to the delivery of local services.

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What We Did

We have supported the Council since 2014 when we created a new shared brand and website for St. Edmundsbury and Forest Heath Councils. Our latest project is exciting because the local authorities have now completed their journey to form a single entity and become one of England’s newest local authorities.

For the new website we used the principles of mobile-first User-Experience Design to create a design with uncluttered, transactional presentation to make it as easy as possible for citizens to find information on services.

West Suffolk Council Building

The concept was iterated in close collaboration with the Council’s team to ensure the design optimally complements the Council’s modern and forward-thinking ambitions.

Following the finalisation of the design, we produced a comprehensive set of clear and easy to understand icons to make the site as accessible as possible.

Behind the scenes we implemented the templates using the CommonSpot Content Management System which provides powerful in-built replication features and robust editorial management workflows. CommonSpot also delivers granular and flexible user group features for the Councils’ central web team and individual departments and services.

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The Results

The development delivers an excellent user experience across all devices. The new website features a transactional approach to enable citizens and other stakeholders to easily find information and complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

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