Client Recovery Plan for Theseus: Drug and Alcohol Case Management

The Client Recovery Plan is a module for Theseus: Drug and Alcohol case management designed to maintain engagement and empowers clients to review, record and update their progress on any device - smartphone, tablet or laptop - on a daily basis.

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Getting Started

With the Client Recovery Plan, keyworkers can enable access for any client on caseload within your Theseus: Drug and Alcohol case management system.

The client can then login to access a simple and mobile-friendly account area, initially assisted initially by the keyworker. This onboarding process might be done in a one-to-one meeting, or multiple clients may be onboarded at the same time during a group work session.

The client and keyworker can then work together to create a personalised recovery plan, assessing risks, settings goals and defining a timeframe.

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Ongoing Engagement

In the days and weeks following the session, the client can login to post updates against their recovery plan on a regular basis.

The client’s main reason for wanting to beat addiction - captured as part of the recovery plan - is highlighted in the account area to maintain client focus and motivation.

Clients are also prompted to keep a private journal of their journeys which supports daily mindfulness of their recovery objectives and also forms a helpful reference for clients to reflect on prior to their next meeting with their keyworker.

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Evaluation and Review

Keyworkers can review updates to personal recovery plans via a specialised dashboard within Theseus at any time.

Clients can also explore visual representations of their progress against their outcome plans via charts and scored-based assessments for ease of interpretation.

The personal recovery plans facilitate useful discussion at the next session between the client and the keyworker. When a recovery plan is complete (or has expired), the client can be automatically prompted to create a new plan.

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Encourages client ownership of recovery

The Theseus Client Recovery Plan helps to shift the balance to client ownership of recovery journeys by encouraging responsibility and daily mindfulness

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Increased client focus

A lot can happen between sessions - the Theseus Client Recovery Plan helps to sustain client motivation and focus by encouraging regular review and reflection


Reduced risk of missed appointments

Clients are automatically reminded of their next upcoming session, including date, time and location when they login into their accounts


Safe and secure

The client area has robust separation from your core Theseus system and admin functions. Two-factor authentication is also provided to help clients secure their accounts.

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Configuration flexibility

The format, content and duration of recovery plans are readily tailored to the needs of your service

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