User Experience Design

The best digital experiences come from getting to know your users, so that’s what we do. From online surveys to face-to-face engagement – we do it all.



During Discovery we’ll meet face-to-face to gain the best possible understanding of your objectives and to get to know your project inside and out and backwards.

It’s a great opportunity for creativity and ideas generation – and we’ve got a stack of great resources to maximise effectiveness and make the process fun, engaging and insightful.

Pinboard covered in print outs of various design ideas and inspiration including icons, other websites, nature photography

User Personas and User Journeys

User Personas and User Journeys

We’ll work with you during Discovery to identify different types of user and their needs.

We’ll drop these into handy summary persona cards which we’ll use as a point of reference throughout the project to ensure your development stays true to user needs.

We also plan and map user journeys to ensure the finished article is a pleasure to use.

Three user journey diagrams



It’s always best to engage directly with end users if you have the opportunity.

We’re got bags of experience planning and delivering everything from online and telephone surveys to focus groups and stakeholder engagement sessions.

As part of this service we provide reports that clearly identify trends and preferences alongside our professional recommendations.

Illustration showing a consultation taking place between a man on a laptop and a woman, both sitting on a bench

Design and Brand Identity

Our talented teams go the extra mile, creating accessible, responsive designs with personality and excellent tactile qualities.



We know there’s no substitute for face-to-face collaboration to get to know you and your requirements in detail.

That’s why we kick our projects off with discovery activities to understand what your organisation stands for, your target audience and the brand identity you wish to nurture and promote.

We’re experts at user engagement and consultation to extract valuable insight from end users about how your brand is perceived and to identify potential enhancements.

Illustration of 5 team members

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designers combine initial research with User-Experience Design to create beautiful design concepts with exceptional tactile qualities.

The enables us to produce eye-catching designs based on a higher-level understanding of your organisation and its audiences.

Attention to detail is a specialty of Cyber Media and we’ll use a process of careful iteration to tweak, refine and amend until we get your new logo and brand absolutely right.

Doncaster landmark illustrations, graphic designed by Cyber Media

Mobile First, Responsive Design

Mobile First, Responsive Design

We think about how things will work at the smallest screen size first to ensure all the important stuff is always there for users, whether they’re browsing on laptop, or on the go on their phone.

Cyber Media developments are fully responsive to deliver an excellent user experience across all modern devices and browsers.

Illustration of three device screens showing screenshots from Cyber Media work; Explore Kent, Knutsford Together and Kent Downs

Design for Everyone

Design for Everyone

Great design should be accessible to everyone.

We’re experts at finding the right balance between design and accessibility, delivering highly accessible designs packed with personality.

All our design output undergoes rigorous quality testing, including with screenreaders.

Collection of health and wellbeing illustrations designed by Cyber Media

Development and Integration

We’re committed to quality, secure web development – that’s why we’re ISO 9001 certified with BSI.

Expert Team

Expert Team

Our development teams are highly experienced and use industry-standard frameworks for consistency of output and ease of long-term support.

Whatever your vision, we can deliver it.

Screenshot of the mapping tool used on Kent Downs

Integration Specialists

Integration Specialists

We can integrate your website with our caseload and portal solutions, as well as external third party systems via APIs.

We’re proud to be a member of INTEROPen, a collaboration of standards organisations, health and care organisations and developers accelerating interoperability for health and wellbeing.

Two device screenshots of Explore Kent and Theseus Directory

Security and Quality Assurance

Security and Quality Assurance

Information security is central to our approach to all development.

Our staff undergo regular information governance and security training and developments are thoroughly code reviewed and tested as part of our Information Security Management System.

Our approach is assessed under the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit:

Illustrated diagram showing interconnected web of a padlock, a server rack, users, developers and a hand holding a device
Security and Backups

For Cyber Media security is never an afterthought and we have a dedicated team to protect your website through regular security patching and backups.

Our annual plans deliver peace of mind and represent great value.

Illustration of a server rack, with icons around it denoting security
Expert Copywriting

Good SEO starts with good copy and our knowledge experts can provide sage advice on effective writing for the web.

We can also write copy on your behalf to ensure written language engages, motivates and inspires your audience.

Illustration showing two users surrounded by chat, devices and people icons
Reliable hosting

We can provide shared and dedicated hosting solutions for your website.

Our hosting is proven and reliable, and is subject to ongoing planning and monitoring to ensure quality of service is maintained.

Illustration of a computer monitor with icons surrounding it showing a heart, cogs and a security shield
Transparent SEO

There’s no outfoxing Google! That’s why we specialise in practical SEO strategies that are genuine, straightforward and sustainable.

We also offer regular SEO reports and health checks.

Illustration showing a dashboard with a graph and icons showing various types of reports
Support You Can Depend On

We take pride in our long-term customer relationships and our support approach provides simplicity and excellent value.

Support is offered at an hourly rate so you only pay for what you need.

Illustration of a computer monitor surrounded by icons showing different forms of communication - text messages, phone, webinar
Illustration of a server rack, with icons around it denoting securityIllustration showing two users surrounded by chat, devices and people iconsIllustration of a computer monitor with icons surrounding it showing a heart, cogs and a security shieldIllustration showing a dashboard with a graph and icons showing various types of reportsIllustration of a computer monitor surrounded by icons showing different forms of communication - text messages, phone, webinar


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