Comprehensive health and wellbeing caseload management

Theseus: Integrated Health and Wellbeing provides councils with a proven, integrated and scalable solution for management of integrated healthy lifestyle services.

It delivers effective management of internally and externally delivered programmes including stop smoking, health coaches, physical activity and weight management.

Online health MOTs for health and wellbeing self-assessment

Theseus: Integrated Health and Wellbeing provides easy-to-use online self-assessments for citizens, readily customised to your local offer and brand guidelines.

The self-assessment facility has been proven to maximise citizen engagement and enables direct self-referrals into your services based on locally-defined eligibility criteria.

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Integrated outcome reporting and data extracts

As an integrated solution, Theseus: Health and Wellbeing enables your partner providers to easily share outcomes of their referrals to your team.

It also provides your organisation with comprehensive extracts of engagement and intervention data for impact and performance analysis and insight.

Integrated health improvement service directory

Maintain ‘one-source-of-the-truth’ with shared service directory for health and wellbeing self-assessment and caseload.

Simply upload a spreadsheet with any data structure and your directory is populated!

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Supports health and wellbeing ecosystems with 100s of partners

Theseus: Integrated Health and Wellbeing enables your organisation to create a holistic network comprised of internal teams, professional providers and VCSE partners and assets.

Partner agencies can be configured to send or receive referrals – or both – and a client-by-client consent model ensures robust control over the sharing of personal data.

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Smarter public health triage and self-assessments

Theseus SmartAssessment delivers referral consistency and provides Health and Wellbeing Hubs with automated (and definable) onward referral suggestions based on the needs of the citizen.

It also enables citizens to be dynamically presented with appropriate suggestions following completion of a health and wellbeing MOT. Self-assessment results are ordered and colour-coded based on priority.

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Professional case management of public health interventions

Theseus: Integrated Health and Wellbeing is a fully-featured and proven product – the result of over a decade expertise in public health.

Features include a built-in appointments system, integrated assessment tools (such as BMI, Q-Risk, WHO-5, WEMWBS, PHQ-9, GAD-7 and Q-LES-Q-SF) and statutory reporting of the Stop Smoking Services Quarterly Return.

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Illustration of a directory, with one option selectedIllustrated mosaic of avatars representing partnersIllustrated flow chart diagram, showing icons forCaseload illustration, with 4 folders stacked on top of each other

Robust and secure caseload management

Theseus is a proven platform for District, County and Metropolitan use. No more messy and incomplete paper trails – Theseus enables you to store all client information in a secure unified system.

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Readily integrated and extendable to deliver long-term value

Theseus supports inter-agency referrals and integration with third party systems. If you need to add another service with different caseload requirements, Theseus enables you to do this easily and cost effectively.

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Talk directly to a great team

Our Theseus team is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. If you need to speak to someone about a support ticket we’re always available Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5 pm – and we’ll answer within 3 rings!

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Enquire today and find out how Theseus solutions can empower your organisation with effective caseload management.