Theseus: Weight Management
Caseload System

Healthy weight case management system to support teams delivering behavioural change interventions, obesity prevention and dietetic services.

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Optimised for Tier 2 weight management interventions

Theseus empowers your team to manage, assess and report on 12-week weight management programmes in accord with PHE best practice and KPIs.

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Smart rules to assist selection of referral pathway

Theseus supports onward referrals to physical activity and exercise providers based on smart rules to automatically suggest appropriate referral pathways. Theseus is readily integrated with a directory of local services and provider networks.

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Weight loss tracking dashboards

With Theseus your Weight Management and Lifestyle Advisors get access to powerful dashboards to easily identify persons on caseload, follow-ups due and weight loss progress to date.

Integrated assessment tools

Built-in assessment tools Identify obesity, calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) and assess heart disease and stroke risk based on wider lifestyle factors.

Integrated appointment system

Theseus empowers your team to schedule and manage appointments with automated SMS reminders to clients.

Print letters and vouchers

Theseus delivers hassle-free printing of referral letters and vouchers for weight management providers.

Flexible Form Builder

Empowers your service to create bespoke forms perfectly tailored to your weight management caseload requirements and follow-ups.

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Maintained and supported by a professional, independent developer

Some caseload products on the market have been developed by service providers, limiting their flexibility and functionality. Theseus is different and is designed to support the individual needs of your service.

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Readily integrated and extendable to deliver long-term value

Theseus supports inter-agency referrals and integration with third party systems. If you need to add another service with different caseload requirements, Theseus enables you to do this easily and cost effectively.

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Talk directly to a great team

Our Theseus team is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. If you need to speak to someone about a support ticket we’re always available Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5 pm - and we’ll answer within 3 rings!

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Trusted by the following organisations

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Derbyshire County Council
Leicester City Council
Durham County Council
Sandwell Borough Council
City of York Council
Kent County Council
Quit Ready
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Essex County Council
NHS Pennine Care Foundation Trust
Leicestershire County Council

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