Behaviour Change in Blaby

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Behaviour Change in Blaby

Blaby District Council’s Sport and Physical Activity Service has grown in reach, capacity and expertise in recent years and has been delivering an increasing number of targeted exercise referral interventions to support and enhance the health and wellbeing of citizens with inactive lifestyles.

With this growth the Service required a professional ecosystem with a public facing website integrated with caseload and referrals management to efficiently manage referral pathways and to evaluate the outcomes and success of service delivery.

Behaviour Change Engagement Website

Image of health and wellbeing engagement website to inspire behaviour change

Behaviour Change Engagement Website

We designed and developed a new engaging website to promote the service and inspire citizen behaviour change.

The website has a bright and vibrant look and feel, conveying the positive and supportive nature of the service and its accessible and inclusive offer.

Three primary calls to action are used to reassure citizens they are in the right place and provide ease of direction in accordance with their needs:

  • Citizens struggling to be active that need support
  • Citizens confident enough to explore the offer for themselves
  • Citizens who have been referred to the Service by a GP or wellbeing professional

Written in the first-person, the website features clear language for inclusivity and to assist those for whom English may not be the first language. Choices are enhanced with iconography featuring a playful and colourful extension of the Active Blaby ribbon logo concept.

A key aspect the website communicates is that you don’t have to be sporty, competitive or outgoing to enjoy an active lifestyle and reap its rewards.

Physical Activity Referrals

Physical activity referral pathways interfaces

Physical Activity Referrals

The self-referral and professional referral pathways promoted on the website are seamlessly integrated with our Theseus platform we implemented for the Service.

Theseus provides Active Blaby with secure and efficient referrals and caseload management, as well as supporting Active Blaby’s behavioural diagnosis processes and aiding decision making.

Using Theseus Smart Rules, Active Blaby worked closely with the Theseus Project Team to define a rule set to automatically identify appropriate referral pathways for citizens. Based on these rules Theseus is able to present advisors with recommended referral pathways based on the client’s requirements, circumstances and preferences to help them become more active and sustain positive lifestyle changes.

Onward Referrals

Physical activity service directory interfaces

Onward Referrals

The Active Blaby project is particularly interesting from an onward referrals perspective as their Theseus system accommodates two very different types of onward referral; firstly a traditional referral to an exercise professional or activity provider, and secondly, to email the citizen with appropriate online resources, available on the Active Blaby website, or externally.

If a client’s behavioural diagnosis responses indicate joining an exercise class or engaging with a personal trainer would be appropriate, the advisor discusses the services and classes available with the citizen.

The list of services suggested by Theseus is readily tweakable, so if a client’s health conditions mean they should only be referred to classes of specific intensity, or they only have particular availability to attend, the advisor can identify and action an onward referral to the relevant exercise professional or activity provider.

When a referral is actioned to a provider such as a sports club, leisure centre or weight management group, provider contacts receive notification of the new referral with a link to login to their online dashboard to review the details.

The provider contacts log in to a fully responsive interface (can be used on desktop, mobile or tablet devices) to receive their referrals. The provider organisation can then contact the citizen, deliver support and submit an outcome to share feedback with Active Blaby and the original referring professional (e.g. a local GP).

Project Outcomes

Theseus has supported the development of Active Blaby’s innovative service by facilitating a secure referrals management ecosystem comprised of local providers such as sports clubs, leisure centres, slimming groups, together with GPs, pharmacists and other health and wellbeing professionals.

The potent combination of proven caseload and referrals management and engaging website is helping the service go from strength to strength.

The Theseus health and wellbeing platform has also enabled Active Blaby to analyse the level of success for various referral pathways through user-friendly dashboards and reporting interfaces and attain meaningful additional insight into understanding behaviour change.

We’re really happy with the outcome of the system. We are a small team managing multiple projects so to be able to funnel residents through one channel and be able to support them systematically with bespoke, targeted actions is really important. The result is impressive and has the flexibility required by our team to manage our ever-evolving priorities.

Darren Farish, Sport and Physical Activity Team Leader