Spring Social Prescribing

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Spring Social Prescribing

Spring is a community-driven support network in Northamptonshire.  The network includes the Bridges Outcomes Partnership, General Practice Alliance, AgeUK, Northamptonshire Carers, and the Mayday Trust.

Social Prescribing enables GPs and health and social care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services to improve their health and wellbeing.

This could be anything from an exercise or group activity right through to helping a patient access support in their home.

The network needed a social prescribing management system to manage the service and enable effective case management and joined-up delivery.

Social Prescribing Management System

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Social Prescribing Management System

We deployed our Theseus: Social Prescribing Management System and configured a custom episode to support the various key client interaction points of the service.

The custom episode includes an as initial assessment form that enables the service to assess clients’ eligibility and record the key things they need help with (e.g. social isolation).

The initial assessment features a WEMWBS assessment for evaluating the patient’s mental health and the Triangle Well-Being Star to capture a wellbeing baseline which can be used for and useful comparison and assessment of improvement over time.

Theseus also enables the network to track expenditure in relation to support provided to the client – for example, club membership fees, adult education classes and transport – and link the expenditure to the appropriate aspect of the Well-Being Star.

Client Goals

Client Goals

The service’s custom episode also accommodates care plans to enable link workers to discuss and set goals with the client based on themes from the Well-Being Star (e.g. lifestyle change). These are then revisited and reviewed in 6 month and 12 month follow-ups, the due dates of which are highlighted within the Theseus: Social Prescribing system. Spring engages with its clients using a combination of telephone, SMS, video call and face-to-face engagement and Theseus enables ad hoc discussions to be recorded as events within the client’s episode.

The service can choose to action internal or external referrals in Theseus to ensure the client receives the required support identified by initial assessments and care plans. External partners can receive their referrals by a streamlined referrals portal that enables ease of use on mobile phones and tablet devices. 

The Results

Spring now has an effective and flexible management system that is readily adaptable to the needs of the service as it develops.

In accord with the urgent needs of the service, we achieved a rapid system configuration and deploying, facilitating go live of the system just three months from point of order.