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Historically external providers delivered stop smoking services in Derbyshire, however this changed in December 2017 when the Council moved service delivery to an in-house team.

The Council needed a flexible and reliable Stop Smoking case management system to accurately record and monitor stop smoking interventions and chose Theseus: Stop Smoking based on the quality of its feature set and the inherent value of the product.

Implementation of Bespoke Client Pathway Workflows

Photograph of user undertaking drug and alcohol reporting

Implementation of Bespoke Client Pathway Workflows

Theseus: Stop Smoking’s Flexible Episodes enable easy creation of tailored workflows to perfectly align with the pathway of the service user from beginning to end. The product’s Referrals Module was also included to empower midwives to directly send referrals to the Stop Smoking service, increasing efficiency and enabling staff to monitor the outcomes of referrals made.

Customised Data Collection

Theseus: Stop Smoking’s powerful Flexible Forms module was used to build the monitoring form requirements specific to the service. We worked in close collaboration with Derbyshire County Council to capture data field requirements to ensure perfect alignment with the service’s needs.

Reporting and Performance Measures to Monitor and Inform Service Delivery

A combination of Theseus: Stop Smoking Dynamic Dashboards and Flexible Form Extracts provide the reporting backbone for the service. Dynamic Dashboards are used to provide frequently used reports and Flexible Form Extracts deliver powerful bespoke reporting that can be run at any time.

Quarterly Monitoring Returns to NHS Digital

A special set of Theseus: Stop Smoking Performance Measures are used for Quarterly Monitoring Returns, providing service managers and data analysts with submission summary count data as well as granular reporting on which service users qualify for each of the reporting criteria. This provides a helpful troubleshooting facility and greater insight into service delivery.

Performance measures can be refreshed at any time, helping service managers identify clients at risk of missing their 4 week follow-up.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Recording

We used the Theseus: Stop Smoking Product Exchange module to empower stop smoking advisors to easily record NRT dispensing as part of each contact session with a service user.

The Product Exchange module also enables NRT products to be managed by authorised staff and reconciled against Derbyshire County Council’s centralised stock control system.

Migration of Existing Stop Smoking Service Users

We have extensive experience managing complex migration projects and used our expertise to create a bespoke migration routine to transfer existing service users into Theseus: Stop Smoking on behalf of the Council.

We reconciled old data fields to the new data model and completed the migration on schedule, ensuring the new service had access to all required legacy data.



Alongside the frequent project demonstrations to familiarise advisers and service managers with the Theseus: Stop Smoking product throughout the implementation phase, training sessions were delivered in stages to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

High-quality training was provided at Derbyshire County Council offices using our proven ‘train-the-trainer’ approach and this was followed up with general workshops on how to get the most from the Theseus: Stop Smoking system.