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Theseus Caseload Management and Referral Systems

Theseus case management systems offer flexibility, interoperability and powerful reporting for health and wellbeing interventions.

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Theseus: Stop Smoking Caseload Management

Stop smoking management system for smoking cessation interventions. Features include NHS Digital Quarterly Monitoring Report generation and NRT prescribing.

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Theseus: Drug and Alcohol Caseload Management

Sets the bar for case management of drug and alcohol interventions. Integrated NDTMS returns, needle exchange and prescribing features. Always compliant with the latest PHE dataset.

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Theseus: Healthy Lifestyles, Sport and Exercise

Delivers effective referral management of behaviour change and exercise on prescription interventions through smart referrals to physical activity providers.

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Theseus: Healthy Weight Caseload Management

Ideal for weight management and healthy lifestyle services requiring structured case management of healthy weight and obesity interventions with PHE report generation.

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Theseus: Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem

Our ecosystem ’bridges the gap’ between services, public health teams and the VCSE sector - it’s an innovative solution for community navigation hubs and local area coordination.

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A different need?

Theseus: Social Prescribing

Enables social prescribing link workers, community navigators and health and wellbeing hubs to efficiently assess and refer citizens to providers, volunteers and community assets.

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Why Should You Trust Theseus Health and Wellbeing Software?

  • Theseus products are developed from the ground-up for flexibility, ease of customisation and security.
  • No conflicts of interest. Cyber Media is an independent developer and provides you with full control over your data.
  • We have a superb track record. Our friendly team is highly experienced and can handle the most complex data migration projects.
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